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IMSI - Morphological sperm selection at magnification more than 6000 times

IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection) is the intracytoplasmic injection of morphologically selected sperm cells.

Artificial insemination techniques continue to evolve rapidly. In 1999, Israeli scientists headed by Professor Bartoov proposed the IMSI method – a new method to improve the probability of pregnancy in carrying out IVF+ICSI in case of marked deviations of spermogram values.

When carrying out the ICSI procedure, selection of sperm cells is made at magnification of 400 times, while adding IMSI technique to ICSI allows to select morphologically the best sperm cell at magnification of 6600 times.

Such magnification allows detecting the finest details of changes in morphology of sperm cells. And these details are important because they may indicate pathology of genetic material of the sperm cell, which, in turn, is critically important for fertilization and normal development of the future embryo.

In 2004, Professor Bartoov and his colleagues have shown that the probability of pregnancy with the use of ICSI+IMSI in certain groups of patients was significantly higher than after standard ICSI. Since 2010, the IMSI procedure is successfully applied in Academician V.I. Gryshchenko Clinic for Reproductive Medicine.


Selection of sperm cells in the IMSI procedure is carried out at magnification of more than 6000 times.

In order to get such magnification, the microscope for carrying out IMSI should be equipped with special optical-electronic equipment. Selection of sperm cells with IMSI is a much more long-term and labour-intensive work than for conventional ICSI. In particularly difficult cases, for selection of normal sperm cell hours of work may be required. All these efforts are aimed at increasing the probability of pregnancy and reducing the possibility of spontaneous abortion.

IMSI - Morphological sperm selection at magnification more than 6000 times

IMSI is indicated for:

  • Patients with 1–2 failed attempts at ICSI.
  • Patients with male infertility problems and high levels of teratozoospermia, i.e. in cases of increasing the number of pathological forms of sperm cells.

    Cost of services "IMSI - Morphological sperm selection at magnification more than 6000 times"

    IMSI - Отбор сперматозоида по морфологическим признакам при увеличении более чем в 6000 раз (мин./оптим.) 3800/5900 UAH

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