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Hysteroscopy is a successfully applied in Academician V.I. Gryshchenko Clinic for Reproductive Medicine method of examination of the uterine cavity by using the optical system, which is introduced into the cervical canal of uterus. The positive characteristics of hysteroscopic intervention are the following factors:

  • it’s the only method which allows visual evaluation of the uterine cavity, and enables to establish diagnosis at intrauterine pathology
  • allows immediately starting elimination of the detected intrauterine pathology
  • in many cases, allows avoiding laparotomy
  • enables to perform surgical intervention under the direct visual control
  • hysteroscopy is less traumatic, and, therefore, easily tolerated by patients
  • reduces the cost of treatment (day-patient hospital stay is just 1 day)

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is examination of the uterine cavity for assessment of intrauterine pathology.

Hysteroresectoscopy (surgical hysteroscopy) is intrauterine surgical intervention with the use of hysteroresectoscope. The optical system of the hysteroscope has a very small diameter - 4 mm, but gives magnification of the image in tens of times. Image from the hysteroscope is trasported on the monitor screen in a larger scale, ensuring easier performance of intrauterine interventions.

Indications for diagnostic hysteroscopy:

  • suspicion of internal endometriosis, submucosal leiomyoma node, intrauterine adhesions, remnants of the ovum, presence of a debride, endometrial cancer, endometrial polyp
  • clarification of the nature of the development abnormality, location of intrauterine contraceptive
  • menstrual disorders in female of childbearing age
  • bloody discharge during menopause
  • infertility
  • control examination of the uterine cavity after surgery on the uterus

In case of detection of intrauterine pathology, surgical intervention is transformed into hysteroresectoscopy. The most common reasons are submucosal myoma, intrauterine septum, intrauterine adhesions, endometrial polyp, recurrent endometrial hyperplasia.

Removal of submucosal leiomyoma nodes in hysteroresectoscopy has become an alternative to laparotomy and removal of the uterus. If earlier the young female with the leiomyoma node inside the uterine cavity suffered from heavy uterine bleeding and was doomed to removal of the uterus, now in hysteroresectoscopy it became possible to remove only the node while saving the uterus and reproductive capability in the future.

    Cost of services "Hysteroscopy"

    Гистероскопия диагностическая (с лапароскопией / без лапароскопии) 4100/6300 UAH
    Гистероскопия полипэктомия (с лапароскопией / без лапароскопии) 6300/8100 UAH
    Гистероскопия удаление субмукозного узла лейомиомы (с лапароскопией / без лапароскопии) 8000/9800 UAH
    Гистероскопия, резекция эндометрия 9200 UAH
    Гистероскопия, рассечение внутриматочных синехий (с лапароскопией / без лапароскопии) 6300/8000 UAH
    Гистероскопия, рассечение внутриматочных перегородок (с лапароскопией / без лапароскопии) 8100/9800 UAH
    Стандартный набор медикаментов на гистероскопию 640 UAH

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