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Consultation with a gynecologist-reproductologist

The first visit of the couple to the Сlinic suggests a consultation by the gynecologist-reproduction specialist which includes:

  • Collecting the medical history and filling out the patient’s medical record
  • Mirror examination of the uterine cervix
  • Taking swabs for the microflora examination
  • Taking materials for cytomorphologic examination of the uterine cervix scraping
  • Ultrasonic scanning of the pelvic organs
  • Particularly, consultation by the gynecologist-reproductologist and working out tactics for further treatment of the couple

For this visit, please bring all available medical documentation about your health: extracts issued by the hospitals after treatment, conclusions of the gynecologists and related specialists, results of analyses, results of check for fallopian tube patency or any other documentation that you think is important.

The follow-up consultations by the gynecologist-reproductologist in our Clinic are free. If they relate to comments on examination results and current issues in preparation for further treatment, the doctor consults patients without pay.

Exceptions are the cases of consultations with the aim to refer to an interim course of treatment (for example, treatment of urinery tract infections, hormonal correction, etc.), as well as consultation on treatment for gynecological pathology, not related to the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

    Cost of services "Consultation with a gynecologist-reproductologist"

    Первичная консультация гинеколога-репродуктолога 700 UAH
    Повторная консультация гинеколога-репродуктолога 350 UAH

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