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Consultation by andrologist

The first visit of the couple to the Clinic suggests a consultation by the gynecologist-reproduction specialist and obligatory sperm examination (spermogram). In case of detecting violations of spermatogenesis, the primary consultation by the andrologist is carried out, which includes:

  • collecting the medical history and filling out the patient’s medical records
  • examination of the patient
  • interpretation of the spermogram and analysis of the results of additional examinations (if they were carried out earlier)
  • development of the plan for further examination and treatment with consideration of special features of the female’s reproductive health

At the follow-up consultation by the andrologist, additional examinations, ultrasonic examination of the prostate, Doppler sonography are carried out.

The final diagnosis is established and tactics for treatment (medication, physiotherapy, etc.) is worked out.

As a result of the carried out treatment it’s not always possible to achieve full recovery of the male reproductive function. But even a slight increase in the active-motile sperm cells and their normal forms is a positive result, since it increases the chance of pregnancy when applying procedures of ART.

    Cost of services "Consultation by andrologist"

    Первичная консультация андролога 750 UAH
    Повторная консультация андролога 250 UAH

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