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Embryological laboratory

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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a technology that makes it possible for the emergence of a new human life outside the woman's body. At the start of the embryological stage of IVF, from germ cell of the patients embryologists obtain viable embryos, which in the end are transferred into the female’s uterine cavity. For the normal formation and development, human embryos need a high stability of the environment conditions and protection from the impact of adverse factors.

These functions, which in the natural conception are maintained by the mother's body, in the artificial insemination are fulfilled by incubators and other systems of the embryology laboratory. Therefore, proper organization and facilities of the embryology laboratory considerably determine the comfort and safety of embryos, and this, in turn, determines the performance of the entire clinic for reproductive medicine. Here we shall take a briefly look at some of the distinctive features of organization of the Embryology Laboratory of the Clinic.

Designing with the use of experience of renowned European specialists
Using of “clean room” technology
Selection of non-toxic building and finishing materials
Special multistage medical gas supply system
The newest equipment of the embryologic laboratory
Сulture mediums supplied by the world leaders (COOK medical, LifeGlobal)
Uninterruptible power supply system
Monitoring and alerting systems

Whatever perfect and equipped our laboratory may seem, we do not miss the opportunity to make it even better and thus are always glad to hear constructive criticism and suggestions for development. Therefore we engage foreign specialists to conduct an external audit. Since the launch of our laboratory, such world-renowned experts as Sessilia Sjoblom (world leader in standardization of embryologic laboratory according to ISO, Australia) and Lars Johansson (Director of clinical embryology and quality control of the company ORIGIO, Germany) have already visited our laboratory.

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