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All processes in the human body are interconnected. And issues of reproduction are not an exception. Complexities of conception are not exclusively related to the function of the reproductive organs. Very often, the cause of infertility can be genetic factors, hormonal disorders, somatic (i.e. not gynecological and not andrological) diseases. Sometimes such disorders, although not being a major cause of infertility, can significantly reduce the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies.

It should be remembered that our main purpose is to achieve a pregnancy. You need to prepare for a pregnancy. It is quite clear that for a pregnant woman it would not a time to treat chronic, inflammatory and infectious diseases, cervical pathologies, etc.

Often this treatment during pregnancy will be just impossible, because of the risk to the fetus.

Specialists of our polyclinic department will help you to come close to the achievement of the desired result – onset of pregnancy. As well to comprehensively prepare for its carrying out, making this responsible process safe and controlled.

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