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Initial consultation by obstetrician-gynecologist

on request

Initial consultation of the patient by the gynecologist of the female clinic suggests the following types of examination and examination:

  • Registration of a medical card (registration form 025 / o)
  • Electronic registration of the patient
  • Collection of gynecological (obstetric) and somatic anamnesis
  • Pelvic examination:
    • Examination of the cervix in the mirrors
    • Taking cervical secretions for a bacterioscopy examination
    • Carrying out of cytological research (detection of atypical cells)
    • Palpation of the pelvic organs
  • Ultrasonic examination of pelvic organs
  • Direct consultation of the gynecologist and development of tactics of the further conducting of the patient

On this visit, we ask you to bring with you all the available medical documentation about your health: hospital discharge after treatment, gynecologists and related experts, tests, tubal patency test results or any other documentation that seems important to you.