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Infertility treatment program INTENSIVE

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In the INTENSIVE program of infertility treatment by the IVF method includes a full set of necessary services and medicines that ensure the greatest effectiveness of treatment. The program allows patients to optimize the costs of treatment, plan their time, make the treatment process transparent and understandable.

This program was created by the specialists of the Clinic according the latest achievements of reproductive medicine, it includes technologies whose impact on the result is proved by science and is confirmed by the many years of experience of our doctors. In particular, this is the most effective set of embryological tools - ICSI, PICSI, assisted hatching and blastocyst culture. Another important component of the program is correctly selected medications to stimulate the ovaries. In the INTENSIVE program, a set of medicines is more extensive than OPTIMAL, and corresponds to the needs of "bad" respondents as much as possible. It choosing medicines, age, ovarian reserve and other characteristics of each patient are taken into account.

The INTENSIVE program includes:

• Monitoring of CAS

• Transvaginal puncture of the follicles



• Assisted hatching

• Cultivation of embryos 1-5 days

• Embryo transfer

• A set of medications according to the treatment scheme No. 1

Please note, that the services included in the program are absolutely necessary for all our patients who are indicated IVF. This is the most effective basic treatment. However, at the request of patients, the Clinic also offers a wide range of optional procedures, such as IMSI, morphokinetic selection of embryos, preimplantation genetic testing, etc. These procedures are paid separately.

If, for whatever reason, the services included in the program were not provided, their cost is reimbursed at the end of the protocol.